Our Mission

Our History

The vision of the Officers for Justice (affectionately referred to as the OFJ), is as focused today as it was 50 years ago. Our aim is to continue the progressive fight for equality and equal equity within the San Francisco Police Department, and the overarching law enforcement community. With the mission of supporting its members through personal and professional development, and building lasting community partnerships, the OFJ strives to do what is right during the most pivotal time in modern law enforcement. Centered around the belief that our members are our greatest assets, the OFJ seeks to continuously reinvests in the future by employing its Youth Program to shape and empower young people in San Francisco, and the greater Bay Area.

The Officers for Justice Youth Program is the heart of its recruitment efforts by providing a substantial role model to the youth, and exposing them to a career in law enforcement we all hold so dearly. It is our hope that our example not only leads many into a rewarding career in law enforcement, but also builds strong, contributing community members. The history of the Officers for Justice proves that the work of a few, can and will affect change for the many.

OFJ Stands with our asian Brothers & Sisters

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