OFJ Stands with our Asian Brothers & Sisters !

Since our founding fathers established the Officers forJustice Peace Officers Association in 1968, we have upheld our historicalcommitment of standing up for people against discrimination and issues ofunjust treatment in San Francisco as well as on a national level. As thePresident of the Officers For Justice (OFJ), I bring you a message that westand in solidarity for peace and harmony in our communities. We seek to be anamalgamated voice, mind and spirit focused on bridging communication gapsbetween law enforcement and disenfranchised underrepresented communities. Forthose of you who do not know the OFJ we fought and sued San Francisco and theSan Francisco Police Department for its blatant racist practices and policies in1968. It was not until 1973 that the OFJ won the historical and first ConsentDecree lawsuit to bring Blacks, Asians, Latin X, women and LGBTQ officers intothe San Francisco Police Department. Courageous members of the San FranciscoBranch of the NAACP, Public Advocates, and Chinese for Affirmative Actionassisted us. Working together as diverse groups in camaraderie …. we all won.BLACK LIVES MATTER, API LIVES MATTER, AND OF COURSE WE CAN & WILL AFFIRMTHAT RIGHTFULLY & CONSTITUTIONALLY ALL LIVES DO MATTER!!!

As I reflect on the 400 plus years the Black community hasendured Racelighting; I must say it is extremely disheartening to witness theAsian culture also have to deal with systemic racist acts of aggression. Forthe acts against your seniors by those who appear to resemble me, by skin toneonly, I along with my elders and ancestors, apologize. We are not a culturetrained to promote hatred. We are witnessing systemic oppression that has beenmagnified by Trumpets, closed-minded individuals, who chose to demonstratetheir cowardly animalistic acts upon defenseless seniors. These xenophobicsentiments are repulsive. Both of our cultures are considered outsiders in the“Amerikan” culture. My brothers and sisters, We will jointly create a newrevolution against all injustices! On a personal note, I will never support thesilencing of any human being. However, I do caution us to agree to meetprivately to resolve these and other issues while focusing on Unity in ourCommunities.  

We cannot continue to allow a select bias few, along with themedia, to act with runaway imposing false narratives that facilitate mistrustbetween us. Aiding in divisive methods hampers truth, destroys certain leaders,promotes micro-insults, micro assaults, bias, supremacy, false senses ofentitlements, which jointly ignite hatred. These issues are everyone’s issues.We are You. You are Us, and We are One! It is best for us to break bread withone another and engage in meaningful engagement centered on agreed-upon writtenunderstandings so that neither of us is harmed. Our communities should not letour mutual heartaches and tribulations be exploited and sensationalized by themedia and those who know that there is power and underlying success when theindigenous people are on one accord.   

It's not easy to ask for help, but I know that there are manyhere today who are also seeking a peaceful outcome. Our community leaders mustprepare our written and agreed-upon rules on engagement must also include aclause that stipulates if either of us has a perceived issue with a member ofanother ethnicity, we should seek out the identified elders of that culture toestablish a meeting place to collectively discuss and mutually decide on theconsequences for the action. As we fight for equity, it cannot be at theexpense of another minority or marginalized group of people. It is time to endall forms of “isms.” According to the Constitution, we are all guaranteedequality and the right to engage in freedom of speech.

We are all living in troubled times; there are some whoengage in animalistic behavior, this is not us. Man is the only creature onearth who destroys life without the proper level of consciousness. Throughoutour history, the Black culture has fought for racial and social justice. Wehave all been victimized by the same oppressor who utilized our labor. To thisday, the oppressor continues to traumatize us through political propaganda.Collectively we can bring about the change we all seek. Remember, in 2021, itis not by chance but through divine intervention that our Vice President of theUnited States is Black and Asian. It behooves us to seek the divine infinitewisdom of our elders for systemic understanding and peaceful outcomes. We standin solidarity for Unity in Our Community. Power to the Indigenous People of theWorld! Power to the Black People, Power to our Asian and Pacific IslanderPeople! Power to Unity in the Community!

“I am Sister Soldier, the Minister of Peace”                                                                                     Union Square--------3/27/2021

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  • Why have I never heard from the Officer’s for Justice since 1972?

    • William A Delaney