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Message from OFJ President : Asian Pacific Islander Violence

Since our founding fathers established the Officers for Justice Peace Officers Association in 1968, we have upheld our historical commitment of standing up for people against discrimination and issues of unjust treatment in San Francisco as well as on a national level. As the President of the Officers For Justice (OFJ), I bring you a message that we stand in solidarity for peace and harmony in our communities. We seek to be an amalgamated voice, mind and spirit focused on bridging communication gaps between law enforcement and disenfranchised underrepresented communities. For those of you who do not...

March 2021 : Message from OFJ President


My Distinguished Esteemed OFJ Members,

 The Officers For Justice Peace Officers Association (OFJ) recognizes March as our Women's History Month.   This month we say, ASE (All Seeing Eye) or Ashe Selah (so be it, so it is) to several accomplished Black female law enforcement executives.

Based upon the 2020 report generated by the Department of the Status of Women, in San Francisco we still make up a relatively small percentage of the officers in the San Francisco Police Department. No matter how insignificant these statistics may appear, we recognize women have had a major influence and impact in...

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